Friday, September 26

Things "Stay at Home Daughters" Hear

On a side note here, I'm kind of getting tired of the word "stay at home daughter" but for this post the phrase denotes unmarried Christian daughters who have decided to live at home until they're married and forgo a big career.

Some of these comments are more specific to my situation from people who've known me all my life and expected me to head in the career direction. Anyway, enjoy...

  • Your parents want you to have your own life.
  • You're missing out on life!
  • Your 20's are when you're supposed to have fun!
  • What about graduate school?
  • So what do you do all day?
  • How do you make money?
  • When are you going to move out and get a place of your own?
  • How will you ever meet a boyfriend if you live at home?
  • Don't take the Bible literally.
  • You're taking women backwards.
  • So are you Mennonite?
  • What denomination do you belong to?
  • Do you get bored?
  • Don't worry, you'll discover yourself soon.
  • Just do what makes you happy.
  • Are you like...a fundamentalist?!
  • What church do you go to?
  • What do your parents think?
  • Were you homeschooled?
  • Don't worry, this is a confusing time in life. 
  • God wants you to go out and have fun.
What comments does anybody else get? It's easy to get annoyed or frustrated, but let's use people's questions to share the Gospel! Think of how many strangers, acquaintances, or even family members that we encounter every week and how many opportunities that provides for sharing our testimony!


  1. Are you Amish? Well, if you're not going to college, will you at least take online classes? And, quite often, "So can you sew and bake too?". Haha :).

    I've had several people ask me over the past couple years "So what are you going to do when you graduate" and "Will you be homeschooled through college", but it was only recently that I started getting "How will you meet a guy", haha. My favorite is our neighbor, (who we love!), who is actually deeply concerned, I think, because she thinks we don't get out much (what she doesn't realize is, she is SOOOO extroverted, normal activity seems slow to her, and I am actually the busiest social-wise of our family, so she has the least to worry about me, heehee!). She wants to know "how will you meet a guy? I mean, you don't get out that much." What she isn't thinking of, is that she told us she met her husband at the beach while visiting a friend. She didn't even want to marry at the time, she sure wasn't looking for him, haha!

  2. I receive questions like that from various people, (yes, they can get old fast!) as well as a LOT of loving concern from my extended family members. They just don't want me to "waste my life." Concern like that can actually be beneficial, because often times they have a point . If I'm going to stay at home, then I ought to be doing something besides learning to cook and clean. Getting involved in ministry, starting a small business, gaining a new skill, or advancing your education through personal study and /or college online can be great ways to take advantage of any extra time on your hands if you're a "stay at home daughter."

  3. I hear these things, too, and I'm only 13!


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