Friday, December 5

What's New?

Somebody (you know who you are) requested that I post more 'updates' on what's been going on with me and my family. Since the original intent of my blog was to keep in touch with family and friends, I will oblige:

- In September we enjoyed going to the No Greater Joy Shindig in Black Mountain, NC. Over 2,000 people attended the conference/vacation put on by No Greater Joy. We heard great sermons, listened to bluegrass (yay!) and met some nice people from all around the country.

- The day we left for NC, my grandma had a minor stroke which subsequently required us to live with her in various capacities for over a month. She has returned to living alone but uses a walker, can't drive, and her general mobility is decreased.

- I'm enjoying the bible study at my church and the many activities that seem to be happening - a bonfire in Cumberland, day trips through Charlottesville, hymn sings, dominoes, and more!

- Big News! The 14th of this month I'm joining the church I've been attending since February! The day can't come soon enough, I'm so excited to officially join! For all you RVAers out there, it's All Saints Reformed Presbyterian - service is 10:45 so come on by!

- Getting to visit my best friends at William and Mary and UVA is wonderful! A good friend is hard to find and I'm thankful for high school friends that have stuck by me even though we've taken different routes in life.

- Going to the Family Economics Conference in Hampton in November was really a highlight of the season. Put on jointly by Generations with Vision (Kevin Swanson is awesome!) and HEAV, 2 days were spent discussing family business, mentorship, higher education, integrating business and homeschooling, engaging your children, marketing, and the integrated family economy in general. Even though my parents couldn't come, it was wonderful getting inspired by other families homeschooling their children in a debt-free, family business environment.

- We sold the river house! After 10 years in Deltaville, VA the house finally sold! We are sad to see it go, but we're moving into a new chapter in life.

- We had Thanksgiving at my grandma's house with 14 people! A neighbor brought wine and we aren't drinkers, so it was pretty funny. For Easter every year I organize a game/Easter Egg Hunt for the adults because there are no children in our family, well, last year I did a game/trivia for Thanksgiving and it was so popular that we did it again this year.

- This Winter we're converting the unfinished basement into a mother-in-law suite with patio to sell the house next Fall. We hope to build a new home next to my grandma.

- After one of Dad's customer's essentially offered me a job in the future, I'm studying for the medical coding certification exam. Essentially medical coding is taking all the diagnosis and procedure words (ex: COPD with asthma, fracture of the femur due to single vehicle car collision) and turning them into numbers for the insurance companies to reimburse doctor's offices and hospitals. I hope to take the exam in January or February, and Lord willing get hired in March. It's great because I can work from home, work part or full time at my own hours, gain medical knowledge, and learn a new skill.

- Black Thursday/Friday shopping this year was great! Grandma gave me Christmas money so I went out Thanksgiving night to get some deals. I don't like shopping on Thanksgiving, but we finish our gathering by 4pm, and I figure at the rate they're moving sales earlier and earlier, by next year the big deals will happen on Wednesday. My Granny (i.e. partner in shopping crime) also came and somehow we accidentally ended up waiting outside in line for JCPenny's and Target to open. I also went out early Friday morning to beat the crowds. All-in-all, got some fantastic deals and the crowds were pretty mild this year- probably because the sales are spread out all week.

- Grandma celebrated her 88th birthday on Black Friday - we're so thankful to have her alive and with us for another year.

- I've joined and am enjoying tracking the family way back. So far I've tracked one line all the way back to the mid-1600's in Augusta County, VA. Another line back to the late 1700's in Floyd County, VA. I found a relative who fought in the Revolutionary War and several in the Civil War.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

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