Monday, January 5

Grandma Update

After her fall on the 13th, my Grandma was moved to a rehab center where she will likely remain for another month (until they release her). She is VERY strong-willed and avoids those things that will help her healing. Every day is a battle of wills. The constant care we must give to keep her out of trouble is wearing thin. Therapy is going well, however she isn't eating enough and struggles with low spirits. Please pray 1) that the Lord would grant wisdom in presenting the Gospel to her, 2) that the Lord would sustain us mentally and physically, and 3) that she would listen to those trying to help her.

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  1. Sounds like you guys need so,e good distractions:) could she teach one of you to crochet or knit? Even playing board games or doing a puzzle could be fun while she heals.


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