Monday, February 23

February Updates

Hey y'all, it's update time! First, thanks for the prayer for my grandmother - she's home from rehab and doing fairly well. Unfortunately she has digressed a bit physically, mentally and lost weight. We are thankful for every day she has with us.

This Saturday I finally took the medical coding test, which we travelled to Roanoke for, and will hear back results in a week of so. Needless to say, the last 2 months has included lots of studying!

Early in February my parents and I got the chance to visit my grandparents in Cape Coral, Florida for the week. We got to see Cirque de Solei and even enjoyed some pool time. Grandfather Ben stays busy with "retirement" - aka running a garage door business.

Someone from church loaned me a DVD set which I highly recommend - A Survey of Church History by Robert Godfrey put out by Ligonier Ministries. Ligonier's online mini-school/subscription based lessons through Ligonier Connect is wonderful! For only $9 and month, you have access to lots of courses and videos on a variety of historical and theological topics.

Spring planting time is coming soon! This year I'm starting the broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes indoors instead of direct sowing like normal. We had bad luck with broccoli worms last year and dry weather with the peppers, so I'm hoping to make up for lost yield this season. I'm also planning lots of Zinnias and even Baby's Breath which will be new. Someone suggested lettuce in containers this year so I'll try that also - hopefully it will be easier than the tedious hand weeding of lettuce that I went through last year!

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